There are plenty of challenging golf courses in the world and we respect and appreciate them all, but there is no 18 in the world quite like THE DIABLO 18.  We take an unconventional look at a very traditional game.  Golf is always at the core of each hole, but be ready to be tested with a combination of LUCK, CREATIVITY, DEBAUCHERY and PURE SKILL!

Get your most amazing FOURSOME together today and join us for the best day of golf since the invention of...  well..  Golf!


HOLE 1 - I can go for that

PAR: 4 (344 YDS)

RULES: What is that HUGE circle target doing in the fairway?  Try and  hit the middle circle to change the game!  Miss the entire target and you may regret it!


HOLE 2 - To Heck with it

PAR: 5 (475 YDS)

RULES: You'd better keep your focus!  Some professional hecklers are going to make sure your drive is not a quiet occasion.  They might meet you on the green as well to add some pressure.



HOLE 3 - 3 sheets to the wind

PAR: 3 (173 YDS)

RULES: Wait, are those sales or catch nets?  And why are they filtered towards the hole?  Yep, you guessed right, get your ball into one of the sale "funnels" and enjoy the sweet benefits!  It may even lead to a hole in one!



HOLE 4 - sail the 7 seas

PAR: 4 (352 YDS)

RULES:  Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy: “It's a lock! I hit my 7-iron like John Daly hits the 3.” From Tee to Hole, your team can only use the 7 IRON.  So put your other clubs away for this ENTIRE hole.  


HOLE 5 -What's that doing there?

PAR: 5 (501 YDS)

RULES: This par 5 is hard enough, but why is there a HUGE wall in front of the green?  Navigate this tricky obstacle and pull off a miracle eagle or birdie!

LONG DRIVE here wins a prize too.



PAR: 4 (333 YDS.)

RULES: This oldie but goodie is back!  Technology takes a back seat on this hole.  Your team must play the entire hole from tee to green with our old school set of clubs.


HOLE 7 -pong all day long

PAR: 3 (142 YDS)

RULES: This tricky par 3 has been turned into a GIANT ping pong table...  you better get on the right tier or you may have to play over the net to save par.  We also have the some local Golf Girls and the World's Largest Beer Pong at the tee box to help get you off to a good start!

CLOSEST TO PIN here wins a prize too.


HOLE 8 -The Kraken

PAR: 4 (319 YDS)

RULES: OK, OK, there's a giant squid on the green F&%$ing with people's golf balls...  take a gamble and wrestle with the Kraken to see what fate he has in store for you!


HOLE 9 -I can't see clearly now

PAR: 4 (353 YDS)

RULES: Is that a SIT & SPIN?  Hitting drives is hard enough without the spins.  If you're willing to take some risk-reward, spin some more and give it a go!  Good luck and try not to lose your ball or your lunch!


HOLE 10 -What a fool believes

PAR: 3 (179 YDS)

RULES: A Hole In One sounds glorious... a 2018 Tricked out Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Special Edition from Tuttle Click Jeep in Tustin might make you feel extra lucky!  Give it your best shot and good luck!


HOLE 11 -Whatcha gonna do

PAR: 4 (353 YDS)

RULES: A Diablo Golf Classic, there are a lot of good and bad things that can happen here.  Test your luck with Luau "The God of Party"!  He'll make sure you never forget this hole.



PAR: 4 (338 YDS)

RULES: Playing with ONLY the Orange Pumpkin BALL, your team must hit in player order (1-4). You can choose the order, but you only get 1 ball on this hole and 1 shot per turn, so choose your order wisely.  Lose the ball and you must take a 6 for the team or buy a new one for $10.


HOLE 13 -old balls

PAR: 4 (349 YDS)

RULES: Choose wisely... each player gets the opportunity to play this hole with some gnarly golf balls.  Some of these balls might belong to Pops McGavin (shout out to A. Messier).


HOLE 14 -stay tuned

PAR: 4 (366 YDS)



HOLE 15 -Rich Girl, Bitch Girl

PAR: 4 (332 YDS)

RULES: Wanna be a rich girl?  Spend some cash and move WAY up to go for the green.  Be a bitch girl and you may find yourself teeing off from WAY BACK!


HOLE 16 -Drive like the wind (TRIPS Pin)

PAR: 5 (533 YDS)

RULES: This SUPER LONG par 5 is a tough one.  Hit a great drive and then take advantage of THREE (yep 3) pins on the green!  



HOLE 17 -She Drivers me Crazy

PAR: 3 (166 YDS)

RULES: Guaranteed to be THE MOST UNIQUE par three you have ever played. DRIVER ONLY and watch out for the sand. 

CLOSEST TO PIN here wins a prize too.



PAR: 5 (538 YDS)

RULES: Hockey gloves, Happy Gilmore and THE ODYSSEY Putter from the movie... How can you go wrong?  Give it your best swing and navigate the green with this Diablo Golf Classic hole!

LONG DRIVE here wins a prize too.